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Salazar rejects Bush drilling plan

Yesterday, Ken Salazar, Obama's Secretary of the Interior, rejected Bush's "midnight action" to open our coasts and oceans to offshore drilling.

"The Bush administration was so intent on opening new areas for oil and gas offshore that it torpedoed offshore renewable energy efforts," said Salazar.

Saying he needed to restore order to a broken process, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar today announced his strategy for developing an offshore energy plan that includes both conventional and renewable resources.

His strategy calls for extending the public comment period on a proposed 5-year plan for oil and gas development on the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf by 180 days, assembling a detailed report from Interior agencies on conventional and renewable offshore energy resources, holding four regional conferences to review these findings, and expediting renewable energy rulemaking for the Outer Continental Shelf.

Read the Dept. of Interior release

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Activists push for offshore drilling ban

It will be important to make our voice heard to ban all new offshore drilling. Stay tuned for announcements about the upcoming public hearings.