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San Diego NEEDS to Know Our H2O!

We wrote an Op Ed piece calling for water management reform down here in San Diego today.  Our local paper, the Union-Tribune ran it this morning.

A guest commenter by the name of Alan h, wrote:
"I couldn't agree more with this article.

20% of California's energy consumption is simply to move water around the state (mostly from North to South).

Its time to stop trying to solve today's problems with yesterday's ideas. Simply consuming more and more water is like building more and more freeways. That's not the answer.

Ask any 5th Grader and they can tell you the answer:

1. REDUCE our water consumption

2. REUSE our water multiple times

3. RECYCLE wastewater and stop discharging 185 million gallons a day into our coastline!"

Sounds like this guy has been watching our film, and Knows His H2O!