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San Diego Surfrider awarded a $3,000 grant from REI

Earlier this year San Diego Surfrider was invited to apply for an REI grant, and we are proud to announce we were awarded $3000 to continue our work preserving San Diego’s remaining natural coastline and restoring of the coast to its natural, unarmored state. This fits in well with REI’s grant program, which aspires to care for and increase access to inspiring outdoor places where their members play and want to play.

We believe it is in the public interest to ensure beaches are preserved to provide affordable recreational access to everyone. Seawalls, however, place private ownership over public trust and cause beaches to disappear. When a seawall is built along the back of a beach on an eroding coastline, eventually it becomes water and wall, which results in the loss of the beach and public access to the shoreline. Our beaches are one of our finest natural resources in San Diego. They support thriving tourism and recreational economies and ensure that San Diegans retain a high quality of life. It is our duty to preserve our beaches as a driving factor of our region’s continued economic growth.

So thank you REI!