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San Diego's Water Conservation Activities

I found an interesting article in The Voice titled, "As Water Conservation Gets Tougher, City Spends Less" by Rob Davis about San Diego's water conservation activities. 

San Diego has reduced its water consumption by 19% since 1989. Yet SD does not measure up to other cities that have set an example for water conservation. The city of Long Beach has reduced its consumption by 25%! Furthermore, the city has reduced spending on conservation efforts. It is time to take action!!
With water conservation inside the home (low flow toilets and shower heads) reaching a plateau the city has began to focus on its conservation efforts outside the home. 
Conservation outside the home is proving to be more challenging. Ken Weinberg, the Director of Water Resources with the San Diego County Water Authority says;
"It's got to come in the landscape," Weinberg said. "It's not like installing a toilet or showerhead. You have to make people change their behavior, their choices in plants and do it over the long term. We don’t underestimate the challenge of doing that."
Here is a link to the article... ARTICLE