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Save Trestles...Again?!

Do you remember in 2008 when the state and federal government denied the TCA’s toll road? Apparently the TCA doesn’t, because now they want to build the road in "segments". TCA’s “segment” plan is simply a guise to build the entire road down to San Onofre State Beach--plus there are major environmental impacts with this segment of the road. TCA recently filed an environmental permit to build the first 5 miles (this is one of many permits they need to complete the project).

We need you to send a letter to decision makers asking them to deny the permit. And more importantly, we need you to attend a hearing on March 13th in Costa Mesa to tell the TCA we don’t want their road.Click here to send a letter and to find out more about the important hearing on March 13! In 2008 thousands of surfers and community members showed up to oppose the TCA’s road. We can’t let them build this road in chunks!

Please take action by signing our action alert!

The Transportation Corridor Agency (TCA) is trying to resurrect their dead road—the same road that was killed in 2008 by the state and federal government. The TCA is now proposing to build their road in “segments” and they recently submitted an environmental permit with a state agency. Surfrider needs you to attend an upcoming hearing to speak out against their plan!

Please read this blog to find out more about their proposal and details for the March 13 hearing in Costa Mesa. Help us remind toll road developers that thousands of people have already said no to their toll road!