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Save Trestles: It's Far from Over and WE NEED YOUR HELP

They are still coming after us. They want that Toll Road so that they
can build more sprawl in Orange County. I was at the Karl Strauss Beach
to Brewery Festival yesterday and got to speak to hundreds of folks
about Trestles. You'd be surprised at how many people said something to
the effect of "Trestles, I thought that was over and 'they' rejected
that." Ummmmm, no, it's not over people and as long as the TCA has
millions of dollars of cash in their coffers and the support of
spineless politicians, they'll keep fighting. They're appealing this
decision to the US Secretary of Commerce and are hoping that he will
overturn the California Coastal Commission. We need to let him know
that we do not want a toll road through a state park. Please help us by
taking a few minutes for this alert.

Thanks much!