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Sea and Earth Maidens Series by Maia Walczak

This set of six giclee prints are on 100% recycled 250gsm paper and are entitled Everything is Energy // Sea Hair // The Mother of Ten Thousand Things // One // Paradise is a State of Mind // Sea Maiden

Maia Walczak is a self-taught artist, author, and illustrator of children's picture books and novels. Maia was born in London and spent her summers in the forests of Poland. Her art is inspired by the ocean and waves, nature, and the extraordinary fact of existence, and her work reflects her world-wide travels.

Maia began seriously drawing in 2008 after a trip to Australia, where she traveled with a surfboard and sketchbook. She has been commissioned to work on various projects including surfboard painting, restaurant murals, and designing music covers.

To learn and see more about Maia's work, visit her website