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Shock Waves in the Atlantic; Arnold's World in California

Interior to look at drilling in Atlantic Ocean
Government plans cautious moves on Atlantic drilling
"Before deciding on those requests, the Interior Department first is required by federal law to study the potential environmental impacts of the seismic testing. Some environmental advocates have said the shock wave surveys can injure whales and other marine life or cause them to change their breeding habits and other behavior."
North Carolina - Perdue's offshore drilling panel meets

California - Schwarzenegger: "Look Beyond" One's Principles
"It will be satisfying so many ends," he said. "First of all, we get less dependent on foreign oil. Second, we will get extra revenues. The environmentalists are happy, business is happy, so everyone is happy, so why not go ahead with it?" My question is, what world is this guy living in?

Alaska - Off Shore Oil Drilling Threatens Marine Life