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Simple Tips To Protect Our Beaches

There are basically two types of activities you could turn into your habits when it comes to protecting our beaches. The first category comprises things you can do to protect beaches while at home. The second category encompasses things that you should always remember to do (or not do) when actually going to the beach.


How To Protect The Beaches While At Home


When you are at home, you should make sure you septic system is permanently maintained and managed carefully. You should try to limit the use of fertilizers and pesticides as much as possible and use natural alternative instead whenever possible. Motor oil getting thrown in storm drains is also to be avoided. Instead, go to a local service shop and get the oil recycled and kill two birds with one stone. As a more general rule of thumb, make sure you always throw the right type of trash in its corresponding container. Windy days can rapidly sweep the trash away and carry it all the way to your favorite beach.  


Things To Do When At The Beach


You are going to have to turn picking up the trash behind up into a habit when at the beach. Always use public restrooms and try to recycle and reuse the majority of the stuff you will be carrying at the beach. Make sure you cut off the plastic holders of your six-packs so marine animals do not get injured. You should try to stay away from sensitive dunes and try to use walkovers as an alternative when at the beach. This way, you will help reduce erosion.  


Donating money to your local beach and ocean protection programs is another good idea. If you lack additional funds you can donate, try your luck with Euro Palace and take advantage of their 500 free welcome bonus.