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So close! Solana Beach LUP amendments up for public comment

Solana Beach has been working on a Local Coastal Plan (LCP) since 2000. The City Council took a big step forward by adopting a California Coastal Commission (CCC) approved draft LCP at the February 27 City Council meeting.  Although the City Council voted to adopt the LUP, there is still work ahead on this issue.  A couple of amendments to the LUP still need to be hammered out to clarify a few remaining issues. The proposed amendments are available on the city's website, and comments are due on May 10. The Coast News recently published an article that outlined the history of Solana Beach's LCP process, as well as quotes from Solana Beach resident and Beach Preservation co-chair Jim Jaffe, who praised the committment and compromises made by both sides of the debate:

“Nobody is going to agree 100 percent...Whatever happens, there has to be a compromise. Sea walls have been in place for a decade and they are already impacting the beach. There has to be an end to this.”

Meanwhile, the blufftop property owners continue to threaten lawsuits overall the 20-year sunset clause for seawalls, as well as the eventual conversion of private beach staircases for public use.

Read the full article on The Coast News website.