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We need your support for the Solana Beach LCP Hearing

Our local chapter has been working hard for the past 10 years to ensure that the City Council of Solana Beach Beach adopts a strategic Local Coastal Plan (LCP) to provide adequate protection for our oceans, waves and beaches!

The Solana Beach City Council will vote on Wednesday, June 29th on whether the City's Draft Local Coastal Plan should be submitted to the Coastal Commission. This plan must not be submitted without additions to ensure access to our local beaches is maintained. Please voice your opinion to the Solana Beach City Council and help us ensure that the Local Coastal Plan in Solana Beach contains the following:

The City must recognize adverse impacts of seawalls to aesthetics, surf breaks and shoreline access.

Seawalls must not be permanently placed on public property. Seawalls placed on public beach must be removed within specified time frames as part of the Local Coastal Plan.

The City should impose rent and comparable mitigation for the private use and taking of public property. This rent should be used to fund beach access projects in Solana Beach as agreed to by the City in 2005.

We resent the use of land zoned for Public Parks being used for seawalls.

We understand that City owned bluffs and beaches are being used for private seawalls in Solana Beach and reject this practice and urge its rejection as an LCP policy!

Please show your support for our comments by signing our petition here.