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Solana Beach needs to uphold the Coastal Commission's decision

The Solana Beach City Council will be discussing whether or not to accept the changes made to their Local Coastal Plan (LCP) at the March Coastal Commission (CCC) meeting at their Sept 26th City Council meeting. The decision by the CCC in March regarding seawall mitigation was a huge victory for beach-goers, surfers and the Surfrider Foundation! Help us combat this most recent attempt by the bluff-top homeowners to overturn our victory, by signing this action alert and please join us on Sept 26th at 6pm!                                                                                                 

Letter submitted by the bluff-top homeowners detailing their 18 concerns

Letter submitted by Surfrider Activist 9/16/12

Letter submitted by Surfrider Activist 9/19/12

Here are two links to consolidated videos of the March CCC meeting, the first video is what was said by the City of Solana Beach to the CCC.  It also includes the disclosures of Coastal Commissioners regarding contact by the City.
This second video includes the deliberations of the CCC. 
With these videos we hope everyone will see that there was no abuse of discretion by the City or the CCC. The positions taken by the CCC are defensible and based in sound policy.  Let's hope the City Council adopts the suggested modifications from the CCC and ignores the threats of the Bluff and Beach Conservancy.