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Solana Beach Report from Jim Jaffee

Here is my Solana Beach update.

1) The Coastal Commission staff has returned comment on the draft
LUP/LCP. They are pretty extensive. I am going to meet with the city on the
26th to try to establish a response to the comments.

Some highlights:

-They want to see how we will utilize the mitigation fees collected
from seawalls and other such structures.

-They are concerned the LCP does not have enough policies in areas
other thatn the shoreline like the lagoons etc...

-They want the prohibition in the CONDOTELS added to the LCP. This is

-They have concerns about allowing a minimum house inside the setbacks.
I agree but the property owners will have issues with this.

-They rejected the safety improvement argument associated with
seawalls. This is very good. The property owners want a credit on fees for
mitigation because they are improving the safety with seawalls. They also
want to waive certain review on this basis.

2) Sand replenishment - SANDAG is proposing a comprehensive sand
replenishment program. It will be more than just Solana Beach. The entire
coast will be affected. Solana Beach approved funding for the program
studies and construction matching funds. The major issue is they really do
not detail the after replenishment conditions.

3) Army Corps Project - Encinitas Solana Beach - The first project was
rejected. They are bringing back a second project with less sand but
still advocating federally funded seawalls or notch fills. We are concerned there has been no formal response to comments in the DEIS from 2005.