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Stop Oceanside's Groins in Favor of a Regional Solution

Surfrider has opposed Oceanside's groin project proposal since its inception in 2019. We've urged the city to embark on more regional solutions since that time.

We certainly empathize with the people of Oceanside who want sand back on their beaches. However, Surfrider is opposed to groins due to the detrimental effect they have on surrounding beaches. In North County, sand replenishes beaches moving from north to south. As sand supply is a regional issue, we hope Oceanside considers regional solutions that do not negatively affect beaches downstream from them. We urge Oceanside to work collaboratively with neighboring cities via the SANDAG Shoreline Preservation Working Group, etc. A regional approach would benefit not only Oceanside, but all North County beaches. Such an approach is preferable to the pursuit of go-it alone solutions that negatively affect downstream beaches, thus pitting North County cities against each other. Groins in Oceanside would likely create a domino effect of additional coastal armoring down the coast; this would be a death blow to what remains of San Diego County's natural coastline. Furthermore, the groin project is unlikely to ever see the light of day because the California Coastal Commission has ultimate jurisdiction over this type of project. For the aforementioned reasons, the Commission has not approved a new groin project in over 20 years. 

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