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Stupid is as stupid does...

Just when you thought BP couldn't get any stupider...

In the wake of yesterday's failed attempt to place a containment dome over the breach of the Macondo well (as they are referring to it now), BP is now proposing a new idea - something called a "junk shot."

The effort quite literally involves taking junk - shredded automobile tires, golf balls and other debris - and trying to jam it into the opening of the leak to clog the flow of oil.

That's all we ocean full of oil AND trash!

With growing acrimony over BP's handling of the spill, paired with this weekend's failure to place a dome over the leak, company officials are already acknowledging that the junk shot option offers only marginal chance of success. And there's also this - experts have warned that any further damage to the blowout preventer (you know, that valve that was supposed to prevent a blowout, but didn't) could cause the oil to start shooting out at up to 12 times the current rate.

Meanwhile oil continues to wash ashore along Louisiana, Mississippi, and now Alabama.

-- UPDATE: Monday 2:00 p.m. pst --

Another idea from the great minds at BP...

BP and local officials in Louisiana are also contemplating a plan to build up almost 70 miles of barrier islands by dredging sand and mud from a mile out in the Gulf of Mexico and depositing it onto the outer shores of the islands. A project of this scale normally requires years of environmental assessment to ensure that the cure is not worse than the disease, but officials say there is no time for that now.