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SUNNIE'S Begins Offering "Ocean Friendly To-Go"

Get your containers ready...


The growing mountain of take-out waste grew a little less last week as the very first San Diego restaurant began implementing “Ocean Friendly To-Go”. SUNNIE’S, a local treasure in the Sunset Cliffs area of Ocean Beach, is ready  for you to place your to-go orders sans the disposable container waste. All you have to say is “Ocean Friendly To-Go'' when you place your order and just like magic, your order will come out on reusable dinnerware (like the kind your grandparents used). From there you can pack it up in your own containers at their designated and sanitized “Ocean Friendly To-Go” station and be on your way. Nothing complicated about it. 

SUNNIE’S has opened the opportunity, but ultimately it will be the customers that make the difference. Please support their efforts. Get yourself some tacos, walk down to the cliffs for sunset, and enjoy the reusable container experience! 

And help keep the momentum going by inviting more restaurants to participate. Check out this blog to learn how you can bring other San Diego restaurants on board.