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Surfrider Activist Witnesses Baby Dolphin Deaths.

Photo: Chuck Barnes

Surfrider Foundation predicted there would be long-term ecological impacts from the BP spill.  We wrote an article last fall predicting what would happen, but we had no idea there would be such a high rate of mortality among marine life several months after the spill.    By now, we have all heard about dead baby dolphins washing up along the Gulf at ten times the normal rate.  Scientists say the gestation period for dolphins is 11 months, meaning calves born now would have been exposed to oil and dispersants during the spill and while in the womb.

Apparently the federal government is testing the dead animals to determine the cause of death, and the results will be made public in a few weeks.    Here is a video and article about the deaths.

One of our "on the ground activists", Chuck, runs a blog about what is happening the Gulf post spill.  He recently posted some pictures he took.  It is absolutely heartbreaking...however, we thank Chuck for being vigilant and documenting what is happening in the Gulf.