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Surfrider Foundation Joins Forces with

 Surfrider Foundation was approached by to help raise awareness about climate change and their 10-10-10 Global Work Party.  We jumped at the opportunity to work with them because many of our programs and campaigns are inextricably linked to climate change.  Obviously, our Not the Answer campaign is a perfect match to help raise awareness about climate change, in general, and join forces with

The goal of 10-10-10 is to inspire the world to tackle climate change and send a strong message to our leaders in government that we insist on enforceable laws that reduce CO2 levels to 350 parts per billion.   350 is the focus because scientists say that if we can't get below that, the damage we're already seeing from climate change will continue to accelerate.

The idea behind the 10-10-10 Work Party is simple.  Plan something in your local community that will help deal with global warming and raise awareness about the problem.    In Auckland, New Zealand, they're having a giant bike fix-up day to get every bike in the city back on the road.  In the Maldives, they're putting up solar panels on the President's office.  In Uganda, they are going to plant thousands of trees, and in Bolivia they're installing solar stoves for a massive carbon neutral picnic.

To find an event near you, go here.