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Surfrider Volunteers Tackle the Morning After Mess Collecting 1,410 Pounds of Trash

DATE 07/05/14

Contact: Haley Haggerstone
Chapter Manager, Surfrider Foundation San Diego County Chapter
Phone: (619) 929-5350

Surfrider Volunteers Tackle the Morning After Mess Collecting 1,410 Pounds of Trash

SAN DIEGO, CA – Nearly 650 volunteers gathered at four popular beaches this morning to assist with the Surfrider Foundation San Diego County Chapter’s annual post-Fourth of July Morning After Mess beach seriesBy midday, Surfrider volunteers had recovered 1,410 pounds of trash and 326 pounds of recycling, which otherwise would have been washed into the sea where it would add to the already critical pollution problem devastating the world’s oceans.

Surfrider volunteers hosted four cleanups in collaboration with I Love a Clean San Diego and San Diego Coastkeeper from 8 a.m. to 11a.m. at the Ocean Beach Pier, Belmont Park in Mission Beach, Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach and the Oceanside Pier.  These cleanup sites were chosen because of the high concentration of beachgoers and notorious reputations for post-Fourth of July trash.

San Diego County Chapter Manager, Haley Haggerstone, says, “We are incredibly pleased with the number of volunteers who came out this morning to help clean the beaches after the busy holiday.  We are also pleasantly surprised with the amount of trash that was collected.  There was a significant decrease in the amount of trash collected this year when compared to the last few years.  This is partially due to the cancellation of the annual marshmallow fight in Ocean Beach.”

Few holidays generate more trash on San Diego County beaches than the Fourth of July.  Sadly, much of this litter is made up of plastic, which exacerbates an already critical pollution problem devastating marine life in the world’s oceans.  This year’s Morning After Mess recovered 489 plastic bags, 983 pieces of styrofoam and 14,796 cigarette butts.

Throughout the year, the Surfrider Foundation works hard to prevent pollution from becoming part of the ‘Morning After Mess.’ Through successful programs like Rise Above Plastics and Hold Onto Your Butt, the organization uses education, outreach, and advocacy to reduce the amount of single-use plastics and cigarette butts along our coast.

For more information on Surfrider Foundation San Diego County Chapter, visit or contact Chapter Manager, Haley Haggerstone at or (619) 929-5350.

2014 Morning After Mess Totals

During the 2014 Morning After Mess cleanup series, 648 volunteers removed 1,410lbs of trash and 326lbs of recycling from our beaches and surrounding areas.  The trash collected included 14,796 cigarette butts, 489 plastic bags and 983 pieces of styrofoam.

Ocean Beach Pier
198 volunteers
4568 cigarette butts
183 plastic bags
377 styrofoam pieces
621lbs trash
78lbs recycling
Most unusual item(s): marshmallows, underwear, salt and pepper shakers

Belmont Park
230 volunteers
7636 cigarette butts
77 plastic bags
365 styrofoam pieces
569lbs of trash
200lbs of recycling
Most unusual items: butcher knife, soda stream

Crystal Pier
61 volunteers
694 cigarette butts
26 plastic bags
40 styrofoam pieces
112.5lbs of trash
12lbs of recycling
Most unusual items: dental floss

Oceanside Pier
159 volunteers
1898 cigarette butts
203 plastic bags
201 styrofoam pieces
107lbs of trash
36lbs of recycling
Most unusual items: fake mustache