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Survey Says: Children Do Not Count on the Beach

City's Consulants do not value a child's day at the beach.

The City of Solana Beach Draft Land Lease & Recreation Fee Report for 60 day comment period on April 14, 2010. The report is to be used to determine the lease for using public beaches and bluffs for the private purpose of building seawalls to protect private property.

The Staff Report from the Fee Study explains this rather well.

Simplistically, the fees are calculated by determining the beach attendance and how much one spends in travel time and use of the beach.

One major problem, the study did not use a child's day at the beach in figuring out the values. A child's day at the beach has no value.

It costs $325 to send each of my 2 kids to the beach for the awesome 20 day Solana Beach Junior Lifeguard Program, I wonder if a day at the beach is worth at least $325/20=16.25?

If I add the trip to Roberto's or Rubios to that it seems like we spend a lot more for kids going to the beach than 0?

Not to mention, they go to the beach a lot more than just for Junior Lifeguards.

The Consultants need some convincing. Send in your comments to them.

I will be bloggin more on this later.