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Sweet surfing at Tabletops this weekend

Tabletops was really going off this past weekend - local surfers report it was one of the best places to handle the recent swell. Check out this gallery of pictures from ascip and see if you can find yourself! The ascip surf photography site features breaks mostly in North County with the occasional venture to Hawaii. You can download photos from this site for free. If you use them for something fun drop the ascip admin an email at

While we're talking Tabletops, do you know that Solana Beach and Encinitas are moving forward with a plan that could ruin Tabletops for the next 50 years? The so-called National Economic Development (NED) plan is not acceptable to the Surfrider community, as the amount of sand they are proposing to place on the beaches will result in the destruction of valuable reef break resources into closeout beach breaks. (To add insult to injury the NED characterizes Tabletops as a right! See Appendix B Page B-303) We are currently requesting that the city councils ask for a “locally preferred alternative” to the agressive NED, where significantly less sand would be placed on the beach. Less sand could still serve many purposes – increased towel space on the beach, protection of private property, and preservation of reef breaks and the delicate reef ecosystem. 

Think this is outrageous? Sign our petition to the cities of Solana Beach and Encinitas asking for a 'locally preferred alternative' of less sand. 

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