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Tell the City of Solana Beach to Continue Rising Above Plastics!

Solana Beach is considering amending their single use plastic bag ordinance at their upcoming City Council hearing. In May 2012, Solana Beach became the first city in San Diego County to pass a single use plastic bag ordinance. The impact that single use plastics have on our coastline is substantial and well documented. Plastic pollution wreaks havoc on our waterways and marine environment. Plastic trash does not degrade in the ocean; it merely breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, which are often mistaken for food by marine life. Even though several thousand volunteers work tirelessly to address the issue of plastic pollution on our San Diego County beaches through participation in our beach clean ups, we continue to see a dramatic effect of trash on our oceans, waves and beaches. 

Please join Surfrider Foundation and other local environmental and business organizations at the hearing on Wednesday, March 27th starting at 6pm at 635 South Highway 101.  We need to have a large presence to show Solana Beach how much healthy coastlines mean to us and to counter a small minority's opposition. It is recommended that you arrive by 5:30pm. Please wear a Surfrider t-shirt if you have one. Sign up here!