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The Butt Smackdown - An Action Alert

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Did you know that cigarette butts account for 1 of every 4 items found at our beach cleanups? It’s not uncommon for Surfrider volunteers to collect 1000+ butts during a single 2-hour beach cleanup.

In addition to containing toxic chemicals and known carcinogens, butts contain plastic, which does not biodegrade in the marine environment. While our chapter has installed 200+ ashcans and distributed 1000’s of pocket ashtrays, these efforts are insufficient to deal with the world’s most littered item.

This goes far beyond a “litter issue.” It’s time to stop cigarette butt pollution at its source. This means holding Big Tobacco accountable for the billions of toxic, single-use plastic filters they’re putting into our markets and environment every year.
Help urge California lawmakers to pass  Senate Bill 424 (Jackson), which would end the sale of filtered cigarettes in our state once and for all!