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The Tempest by Nathan Gibbs

Nathan Paul Gibbs was born in Washington State on the Kitsap Peninsula, and raised from 13 on, in Northeast Florida where he picked up surfing. Since 1999 he lives and works on his art career in South Orange County. 

Nathan Gibbs is a regular supporter of the Surfrider foundation and the California Surf Museum, and his deep passion for coastal environments and protection of nature is often the inspiration for his art. To date, his art contributions to the Surfrider Foundation and Surf Aid international have raised over $30,000. In addition, he has donated work to another 16 charities, and his philanthropy earned him the 2007 1st Annual Earth Day: "GAIA" Environmental Award.

Nathan's paintings feature vibrant colors, strong contrasts, and show Van Gogh, Cezanne, and Pollack influences. He has painted all over the world, including Fiji, Bora Bora, and Costa Rica, and his pieces show a general theme incorporating waves, surf, and a general oceanic passion. 

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