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Thousands of Hands Across the Sand in Florida

Hands at St. Pete Beach

Hands at Cocoa Beach
Here is just a sample of the media coverage for last Saturday's Hands Across the Sand event in Florida to protest proposed new offshore oil drilling there:
Thousands Hold Hands Against Drilling Off Florida Beaches
Protestors rally to fight oil drilling off Florida coasts

TC Palm: Editorial: Oil drilling could change Florida for the worse

Protesters across Florida rally against offshore oil drilling,0,2132843.story

Activists unite on beach in protest against oil drilling;_type=gallery

Surfers, Scientists Say No To Oil Drilling Off Florida Coast

Hands Across the Sand sends message;&print;

Floridians protest offshore oil drilling

Hands join to protest offshore drilling

Protesters draw line in sand

Florida Beach Goers Protest Offshore Drilling

Hundreds line Pinellas County beaches to protest near-shore oil drilling

Hundreds say 'no' to offshore drilling