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Time is running out for the Carlsbad desal plant; take action now!

WE NEED YOU on November 29th! After years of fighting the proposed Carlsbad desalination plant, it all comes down to a vote next week so we need your support!
The County Water Authority is scheduled to vote on the Water Purchase Agreement with Poseidon Resources at their board meeting on Thursday, November 29th between 1pm-3pm, which would seal the deal and allow Poseidon to get the rest of their financing and start construction. This is actually the first day they can legally take a vote and it also happens to be the last board meeting of the year. Check out our press release  here for the scare tactics Poseidon is employing to force a vote, while series concerns and questions remain unanswered.
It seems as though the County Water Authority has actually tried to discourage true public involvement in this process, by holding numerous "public hearings" during normal business hours, and changing the date three times of the two evening meetings they held, which resulted in an insider only dog and pony show. We need you at this extremely important meeting to demonstrate that the public does care, that you want environmentally and fiscally superior water supply options like IPR before desal, and that you want your questions answered about the costs of this project before they vote!
Please sign up here if you can make it, and we will provide details. We now know the vote will take place between 1-3pm, just come for the first part if that is all you can do, and get there early to get seat! Please wear a Surfider shirt if you have one. Talking points will be provided upon request. The meeting will be held at 4677 Overland Avenue on Thursday, November 29th.
Other ways to take a stand, sign our action alerts here:

ACTION ALERT : Tell your representatives at the County Water Authority to vote "NO!" on guaranteed profits. Stop the rush to sign this long-term contract. Urge them to consider more financially responsible and environmentally friendly options like conservation and indirect potable reuse.

ACTION ALERT: We have long fought this project because of the numerous negative impacts like killing fish, wasting energy, increasing greenhouse gases and increasing the price we pay for water. And we have long pointed out the alternatives that will IMPROVE our coast and ocean environment. Sign our action alert, which asks why we are prioritizing desal over other better options?