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Title Sponsor: Clif Bar

SurfriderSD is stoked to have Clif Bar on board as the title sponsor again for the Paddle For Clean Water Festival. Clif Bar is another longtime supporter that has donated tens of thousands of energy bars for our beach cleanups and other chapter events. As a food company, Clif Bar knows that they have a responsibility to help create a healthier food system. The are committed to adopting practices that support sustainable agriculture, move toward zero waste, reduce our climate footprint, and conserve and restore the natural resources and ecosystems that we depend on. Visit for more info.

Clif Bar's Wrapper Challenge! Calling all recyclers: In conjunction with the Paddle for Clean Water, Clif Bar is hosting a "Wrapper Challenge". Not the beat-box kind but the material that wraps your delicious Clif Bars! Every year millions of non–recyclable energy bar wrappers end up in our landfills. In response to this tremendous waste of resources, TerraCycle, along with founding sponsor Clif Bar is committed to finding a new use for used wrappers. These wrappers are converted to cool things like backpacks, tote bags and purses. Pretty cool!

The person with the most wrappers at the Paddle for Clean Water on 9/13 will receive a super cool gift from Clif Bar, all you have to do is bring your wrappers to the Clif Bar booth. Now get to collecting!

(Please Note: We cannot accept wrappers that do not have the foil lining or candy wrappers, visit for more info)