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Tower 3 at Torrey Pines by Roy Kerckhoffs

This unbelievably striking photograph of Tower 3 at Torrey Pines comes to us courtesy of Roy Kerckhoffs, of Eyeball Photography.  

Many thanks to this new artist for his generous donation of thus stunner!

About the pieces (from the artist himself!):

Torrey Pines is one of my favorite beaches, and Tower 3 is the first tower I photographed a couple of years ago. This photo was taken in January and I was lucky with the localized fog in the background, giving the scene a serene feel to it when you start the day after surfing on a winter morning.

In my work I enjoy conveying a story of a place with a history in which multiple scales receive special attention. I love bold textures as these are created by passing time, therefore putting emphasis on bygone days. In particular, I aim to show the beauty that exists in human-made wooden, concrete and steel structures contrasting with soft organic forms from nature, hence I love the permanent lifeguard towers. To obtain my goal I portray these by high-contrast black and white photographs. To put emphasis on a particular subject, I selectively hand color the photograph with photo oils. My frames also receive special attention, such that the final product is an integrated whole.

To see more of Roy’s work, please visit his website: Roy Kerckhoffs - Eyeball Photography