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Trestles Update

We need your help contacting the Secretary of Commerce by asking him to grant a public hearing regarding the TCA's recent appeal. We need to ensure the Secretary of Commerce comes out to California to hear concerns of the public. Thousands of Trestles supporters swayed the Coastal Commission in February--now, we need to make sure a hearing is granted and the Federal government upholds the Coastal Commission decision.

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As you may have heard, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has dismissed fellow actor Clint Eastwood and his own brother-in-law, Bobby Shriver, from the State Park and Recreation Commission. Eastwood and Shriver had spoken out publicly against a senseless plan, supported by the governor, to put a six-lane toll road through San Onofre State Beach--one of the state's most popular parks.

Thanks in large part to their courageous stand--and a powerful outcry from thousands of concerned California citizens like you-- this disastrous proposal was recently dealt a major blow when it was rejected by the California Coastal Commission. Now the Governor has sent a chilling political message by failing to reappoint Eastwood and Shriver.Gov. Schwarzenegger claims to be committed to environmental protection. But by backing the toll road scheme, he is endorsing the destruction of one of the last unspoiled stretches of California's coastline.

According to the Governor, this road "has to go through somewhere. We can't stop progress." Please express your outrage to Gov. Schwarzenegger (see letter template below). Tell him to reverse course and vigorously oppose any attempt to revive the toll road plan. Tell Governor Schwarzenegger to support his appointees-- even those who disagree with him--and to join the State Park and Recreation Commission and the California Coastal Commission in opposing the toll road.

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You are welcome to use the below letter template:

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On the drop down menu select:"Parks and Recreation".
Dear Governor Schwarzenegger,

I am outraged by your decision to dismiss Clint Eastwood and Bobby Shriver as vice chair and chair, respectively, of the California State Park and Recreation Commission. Your reported justification for terminating their appointments--– to infuse the Commission with "fresh legs"-- rings hollow. They had the courage to oppose the San Onofre toll road, which violates numerous California coastal policies and is one of the most destructive infrastructure projects in our state today.

I vehemently oppose your decision to dismiss two state parks commissioners who have done exactly what they were appointed to do: weigh the facts and exercise their independent judgment in the best interest of California. Please reverse course and join the State Park and Recreation Commission and the California Coastal Commission in opposing the toll road. I count on you as governor to represent all Californians, just as you did when you stood up to the Bush Administration when it sought to build roads in wild national forests in California. But all too often you have chosen to silence voices that disagree with your own--whether they are on the Coastal Commission, the Fish and Game Commission, the Air Resources Board or the Reclamation Board.

This pattern of dismissing appointees who dare to disagree with you sets a dangerous precedent. Public officials shouldn't be constrained in their performance by fear of losing their positions. Our state parks face an onslaught of threats. When it comes to protecting our natural heritage, Californians deserve to be represented by stewards like Clint Eastwood and Bobby Shriver. They were right to oppose the toll road through San Onofre, and so was the California Coastal Commission. We need you to do the same.

Sincerely,[signature block]