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Urban developers must demonstrate there is an adequate, sustainable water supply.

What a great day for Santa Cruz, and the great state of California!  Finally, a community that understands urban planning must include consideration of a sustainable water supply when deciding on land use proposals.  Santa Cruz officials are doing their best to move towards an environmentally sustainable future, and we applaud them, especially given the pressures of growth and development of our coastline.  Looks like they are well on their way to balancing the needs of their city. 

From the article:
The new policy requiring applicants "to demonstrate the availability of an adequate, reliable and sustainable supply of water" marks the first time natural resources have been included as a factor the Santa Cruz Local Agency Formation Commission will weigh in considering land use proposals. Supporters applauded the policy as a far-reaching step toward limiting growth, protecting over-taxed groundwater and surface water supplies, and reducing the toll on local fisheries.  

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Between conservation, which includes proper planning, and potable reuse, (which is recycled water treated to drinking standards,) Santa Cruz can go a long way to solving their water needs.

Great work to all in Santa Cruz working hard to achieve environmental sustainability. Our oceans, waves, and beaches thank you, as do the rest of us  in California who will cite you as the model!