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Urge Solana Beach to Ban Balloons!

Urge the Solana Beach City Council to ban lighter than air balloons!

Solana Beach has a clear history of prioritizing the coastal environment's health in reducing plastic pollution.

Wednesday, March 23rd, the Solana Beach City Council will be reviewing their 2022 priorities. Add your voice, and ask Solana Beach to prioritize banning lighter-than-air balloons!

Use the link below to send a template email, or write your own email, expressing why you would like to see fewer balloons on the beach and in the waves in Solana Beach!

Click here to send your support!

If the link does not work, you can email:

Agenda Item C1 - Prioritizing Balloon Ban

Public Comment C.1. Council Work Plan Prioritization Discussion

Honorable Mayor Heebner and Council Members,

I am writing you today, urging you to prioritize banning lighter than air balloons here in Solana Beach.

Solana Beach has a steadfast history of prioritizing the health and prosperity of our coastal environment.
Lighter than air balloons are highly mobile single-use plastic waste when they incidentally or accidentally enter the litter stream. They entangle wildlife and break up into our food chain like any other plastic. Mylar balloons conduct electricity. When they contact power lines, they cause power outages and are even known to spark devastating wildfires. 
For numerous reasons that lighter than air balloons pose an unnecessary threat to our communities and environment, I strongly urge the Solana Beach City Council to, once again, lead the way in plastic reduction and prioritize a ban on the sale of lighter than air balloons.

Thank you very much.

You can also attend via zoom and make a live public comment. The meeting starts at 6 pm.

Agenda Packet can be found HERE

If you wish to provide a live verbal comment during the meeting, attend the virtual meeting via your computer or call in.

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