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Volunteers Clean Up TJ River Valley

— Hundreds of people turned out this weekend to help clean up the Tijuana River Valley in San Diego’s South Bay.

Volunteers rolled, dragged and carried a seemingly endless procession of tires from the River Valley Park and tossed them into large dumpsters. Ben McCue, with WildCoast, is one of the organizers of the second annual clean-up event. He says a lot of the volunteers are ranchers and horseback riders who use the park’s trails.

“You’re also seeing families here who want to make sure their kids aren’t stepping on trash when they’re using the trails,” he says. “You see surfers from Coronado through IB who are here because they know that with the next rain a lot of this trash will make its way to our local beaches.”

San Diego Councilman Ben Hueso and County Supervisor Greg Cox were also among the volunteers. Along with tires, McCue says they picked up soda and water bottles, bags of trash and even medical waste.