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Volunteers Make This Thing Work!

As a volunteer-based non-profit organization Surfrider relies on help from all sorts of people. For example, beach cleanups would not be the big success they are if five or ten people show up. We are constantly impressed to see over 100 people coming out for a couple of hours on a Saturday to help keep our community clean.

The Paddle For Clean Water Festival takes lots of behind the scenes help so I wanted to thank a couple of professionals that have been donating their time, Dersu Rhodes and Christy Fuson.

Dersu Rhodes is a freelance designer that created the killer artwork for the event that you see on the poster, postcards, t-shirt, reusable cups, etc. Dersu is from Whitefish Montana and lives in Cardiff. He loves to travel, surf, snowboard, hike
currently works as a freelance designer in the surf/skate industry. For more information please visit

Christy Fuston helped to create some amazing site maps for the event. I was pleasantly surprised to see how she worked with our scribbled site maps from the past to create something that looks great and we can use for many years. Fuston Creative is a full-service design studio in San Diego providing art direction, graphic design, and branding. For more information please visit

Special thanks also go out to Lenora Lostaunau for her help planning the event throughout. We still need volunteers to help the day-of the event on Sunday 9/13.

CLICK HERE for info on volunteering at the Paddle For Clean Water Festival.