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Volunteers Wanted!

At the last meeting we were brainstorming on how people can get involved with the Ocean Friendly Gardens Program in San Diego. Lots of people like native plants, water conservation and pollution prevention but may live in an apartment or condo. There are still lots of ways to help make a difference....

OFG Volunteer Opps:
- add blog entries here to keep the content fresh and local
- create an OFG video to help create awareness on youtube, etc.
- photo/video document the Garden Assistance Program and Hands On Workshop
- identify existing OFG's in San Diego, help create an online database with photos, etc
- graphic design -> create an 'OFG plaque' that people can display at their home landscape
- HOA specialist -> someone to look into hoa rules and help them convert to ofg's
- Community Garden coordinator/specialist -> identify existing OFG community gardens and help develop more OFG's in public places
- 'Unused Grass Removal' specialist -> someone to help identify places that irrigate heavily for no good reason and convert them to OFG
- OFG secretary -> take notes at meetings and email group updates

See, lots to choose from! If you would like to get involved, please email