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Waiting for Drilling Decisions, But Why Wait for Conservation?

Experts: 2010 may not be make, break for drilling

East Coast

US Reviews East Coast Exploration Timeline
“In a letter to Congress, the Interior Department said it will complete the necessary steps to plan for the possibility of "multiple geological and geophysical activities" in federal waters off the US East Coast in two years. The department plans to hold environmental reviews, scoping meetings, and public comment periods before issuing a final decision on offshore energy activities in the Atlantic by April 2012. Any exploration drilling would not occur until at least 2014.”
Offshore Oil Drilling Will Not Make Us Conserve Oil
“The way to address an addiction is to seek alternatives to the addiction. We need to stop producing large, wasteful vehicles. We must embrace the fact that we are running out of a natural resource and act accordingly. We can not drill our way out of this problem. Offshore drilling wouldn't even allow us to top our cars off, we'd only get 10% from offshore drilling and the trade-off is massive as we would put coastal economies and ecosystems at risk.”