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Water conservation over desalination is a smart choice!

A new study on our water use by the non-partisan San Diego think-tank, Equinox Group, is out. It says simple conservation measures will make a huge impact to reduce our water needs. As much as 30% could be saved through existing technologies!
The report focuses on residential use and suggests the usual culprits like using more efficient toilets and washing machines. What is most alarming however, is how much water is being used to irrigate our yards! The study found that most people are over-watering by 26%! And double that could be saved by simply landscaping with native plants which are climate-appropriate. The report calls into question the need for costly infrastructure (like desalination factories) if we are simply over-using water on our gardens. We are pleased the study is out because it really supports our notion that conservation, coupled with less costly options like recycled water, will go a long way to providing a secure and reliable water future. Read the study, and let us know what you think.