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Watershed Forum - February 28!


February 28, 1:00-4:00 p.m.

San Diego Water Department Employee Development and Training Center, 5510 Kiowa Drive, La Mesa CA 91942

The California Department of Conservation (DOC), the City of San Diego and the San Diego River Park Foundation are hosting a public forum to discuss the needs, opportunities and structure for a new California Watershed Program. Plan on attending this important meeting to help shape the State's Program and discuss local needs and priorities!
Preliminary documents are posted at

Watersheds have proven to be an effective management unit for natural resources, yet no single agency or other entity can effectively manage watersheds. It is in the state's interest to develop and support a statewide watershed program to promote and conduct effective stewardship of natural resources in a watershed context. That stewardship should include local communities and state and federal agencies in an organized Program of collaborative watershed management.

The Resources Agency has asked DOC to take a lead role in developing the new California Watershed Program. This effort will include strong interaction and cooperation with other state, federal and local agencies. The structure and roles developed to guide public and agency involvement in describing the new strategy include a committee of up to 24 non-agency stakeholders who meet regularly to provide liaison between the Watershed Program and the Regions and to help synthesize and organize the ideas and advice received through the regional forums.

Regional Forums: Open meetings are being organized in each major hydrologic region of the state to gather public input and recommendations on Program development and implementation appropriate for the region of focus. These meetings will to provide an avenue to include local interests in setting and tracking Program priorities and implementation actions. For more information, please contact John Lowrie at (916) 324-9013 or by e-mail at or you may contact Iovanka Todt at (619) 507-0653 or by e-mail at