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Ways in which Casinos are becoming more environmentally friendly

Casinos aren’t just full of great games, machines and tables for gamblers to enjoy, as they now have the bars, restaurants and hotels incorporated to reach out to a wider audience and keep everyone entertained. With whole cities like Las Vegas and Macau dedicated to the gaming world and creating fantastic spectacles, it comes with a price, a threat to the environment. Mass amounts of electricity is being used in the huge casinos that are open 24/7, so it is no surprise people are beginning to question their efficiency and carbon footprint. The gaming world has the more eco-friendly option of a
online casino which can keep the gamblers happy, but the land based are taking strides into changing their ways to help promote a greener environment.

One of the easiest ways in which casinos are improving their carbon footprint is by introducing solar panels to gain a more efficient form of energy. This is far more environmentally friendly and allows the casinos to create their own energy, cut back on their carbon emissions and bring their electricity bills down. Recycled materials are being introduced to the casino floor as well, with the plastics and paper used in the games all coming from a far more sustainable source. With some of Vegas’s casinos having over 500 tables, little by little the world famous strip is slowly improving its carbon footprint and becoming far more sustainable.

Las Vegas is famed for its bright lights, which have a great effect on both the environment and the casino’s electricity usage. Many of the large casinos have begun the process of replacing all their old light fittings with a much more economically and environmentally friendly LED lights, to get the same glaring effect but at the same time cutting back on their emissions.