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WestBrew Offers Ocean Friendly To-Go

WestBrew Del Mar has started offering Ocean Friendly To-Go!

Why is this so exciting?

Ocean Friendly To-Go is an opportunity for us to focus our efforts together and magnify our impact. And now that WestBrew has joined the party, the opportunity just got more real.

Both WestBrew and SUNNIE'S  are changing the system with this zero waste takeout solution.

They've left the easy part to us. We just have to eat. Next time you're in Del Mar, stop by and show WestBrew some love for stepping up for the ocean and their community. Their menu has all of the crunchy, salty, spicy, saucy, and sweet things you could ever want. And if you have time to spare, place your order in person so you can enjoy a beer while you wait.

Every order counts. A to-go order for one person can easily include 20 pieces of packaging. An Ocean Friendly To-Go order uses zero packaging.

Many thanks to WestBrew Del Mar for offering their customers a reusable takeout option, AND for all you amazing diners out there urging your favorite restaurants to do the same!

Please email for more information