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Will 50 years of beach nourishment impact the surf...we think so!

The cities of Solana Beach and Encinitas are considering a 50-year beach nourishment project by the Army Corp of Engineers with good intentions. However, all of the alternatives they are considering stand to transform precious reef breaks into beach breaks, and that is not deemed a significant impact by their own draft Environmental Review documents. We beg to differ!
Check out this  short video with just a few surfer's reactions to the proposed changes.  Mark your calendars for May 8th as both City Councils are going to discuss the proposed project that night starting at 6pm. Join us to demand that they consider a "locally preferred alternative" of less sand. Some sand is good for our beaches and surf breaks, but too much can be disastrous and bury reefs. If the surfing resources in Solana Beach and Encinitas are important to you, join us at 6pm on May 8th at the Encintias and Solana Beach city halls ( sign up here). Check back on our  beach preservation blog for updates. Click here for a summary of potential impacts to Solana Beach and Encinitas surf breaks according to the draft EIR/EIS.