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Windansea Beach, La Jolla, CA. by Pearl Preis

"A shot of the iconic Windansea shack as the warm glow of the setting sun brings out all the autumn colors of the surrounding foliage. 8" x 24" framed and hand signed by the artist."

Artist/photographer Pearl Preis grew up on the island of Guam where she first gained attention for her artistic talents. As the daughter of Guam’s most prominent cultural artist, she was exposed to a myriad of styles and techniques at an early age. She draws from her fathers lessons to this day. Pearl is a wife and mother of three. She graduated from the Connecticut Institute of Art with a degree in commercial art. After re-locating to the Pacific Beach area in 1992, she has since focused her lens on all things local. Look for her at a beach near you!

You can enjoy more of Pearl's work by visiting her website: