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You Grow Girls - Landscape Design

Local landscape designers, Kim DeGraw and Kari Bittner owners of You Grow Girls Landscape Design and Consulting are working to transform residential landscapes in North San Diego County into environmentally friendly extensions of living and entertainment spaces.

“Living and working along the coast comes with a responsibility to understand the impact of landscape construction and maintenance practices. The real estate boom has drastically increased the number of homes and residents in this coastal community, increasing the amount of pressure on our global system.” San Diego County provides a climate tailored for outdoor living, but many homeowners can be intimidated by making the decision to tackle landscaping their homes. From consultations to construction applications, You Grow Girls is committed to promoting a healthier lifestyle and educating their clients on the benefits of understanding their landscape investment.

Every successful project starts with a plan. A design and plan are essential in developing a functional, aesthetically pleasing and welcoming extension of indoor living. You Grow Girls landscape design is based on the artistic merits of line, color, movement, and sensory stimulation throughout your space. Focus on unity and balance will maintain a consistent style or theme while avoiding unnecessary detail and expense.

Landscaped yards provide a solution to the serious environmental impact of erosion. Erosion control is accomplished with the addition of vegetation that absorbs soil and water run off. “Mulching is also an effective strategy to retain water by slowing evaporation as well as control sediment that may be transported by winds or rains.” In addition to the time taken to carefully and thoughtfully layout a project design, You Grow Girls is partnering with organic retailers and local organic product manufactures to promote natural landscaping and gardening practices. “More than using organic fertilizers and amendments, it is important we also use and incorporate local and recycled construction materials into our designs when possible to minimize fuel usage and manufacturing by-product excess, reducing the overall impact on our environment.” Combining their expertise with a clients’ vision, landscapes can be transformed into functional eco, people and pet friendly living and entertainment spaces.

Every project You Grow Girls designs is completed by the presentation of a maintenance manual detailing pruning, fertilizing, pest control and water application practices free of charge! Serious about their commitment to educate their clients throughout the entire design and planning process, Kim and Kari are going the extra mile to put residents of San Diego County at ease about initiating their landscape project. By introducing their clients to their local landscape trade partners they encourage and promote healthy relationships.

Educated in horticulture and landscape design Kim and Kari work intently on growing environments that are environmentally responsible as well as functional. They have worked for the nations 5th largest landscape development company as project managers and consultants, installing model home landscape designs, HOA slopes and community entries, park-sites and City of San Diego streetscapes. Unlike many designers and architects, these girls have experience from the office to the construction site. With this valuable insight, they are able to provide clients with an accurate assessment of cost and construction timeline.

“Our passion for landscape design, plants, and floral arranging inspires us to engage our community in the fascinating world of garden and design. Plant life is essential to the health and happiness of our environment as well as our being.”

You Grow Girls Landscape Design and Consulting is based in Encinitas CA.