Restore 227 acres of natural wetlands in the Northeast corner of Mission bay for cleaner water, climate resilience, carbon sequestration, and greater access to public space.

Mission Bay was once 4,000 acres of wetland supporting Native American communities who relied on its natural resources. Due to severe overdevelopment, only 40 acres remain today.

Surfrider is a member of San Diego Audubon’s ReWild coalition advocating for the restoration of wetlands in Mission Bay. ReWild is urging the City of San Diego, which is currently undergoing its Master Planning Process for Mission Bay Park, to consider adopting the ‘wildest alternative’, which would restore 227 acres of wetlands.

Wetlands are multi-benefit ecosystems and provide important water quality filtration benefits. This is especially important in the northeast corner of the bay, where 1 of every 5 samples that our Blue Water Task Force volunteers collect does not meet federal standards for safe recreational water.


The majority of our chapter’s water quality work is based within our Blue Water Task Force program & our Clean Border Water Now campaign. Click below to learn more, or start HERE for some background on Surfrider’s Clean Water Initiative.