800 Seacoast Dr.
Imperial Beach, CA. 91932
We’d like to introduce Sea180 as one of our Ocean Friendly Restaurants! They have made a environmentally conscious decision in order to decrease their overall footprint on our planet. Simple actions such as banning expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam and plastic bags as well as only handing out takeaway utensils upon request and adopting proper recycle practices will go a long way and can help keep our planet and oceans clean and healthy.
Sea180, located at Pier South Resort in Imperial Beach, offers ocean front dining as well as a variety of seafood. This coastal tavern is a great place to take your friends and family for special events and it also makes for a wonderful wedding venue or a corporate event. To book reservations, go onto their site today!
Comments from the restaurant:
Being a family-owned business the Cohn Restaurant Group takes great pride in the local community and cherishes all that San Diego has to offer, especially our waterways. SEA180 has quickly become a San Diego landmark and the Ocean is a major factor in that success. It is imperative that businesses become ocean friendly so that we preserve our greatest natural resource.