Each year, volunteers from Surfrider SD & other local non-profit orgs donate their time at SoCal’s largest craft brew festival, the Stone Anniversary at CSU San Marcos. In return for our volunteer labor, Stone donates 100% of the event’s profits to the non-profits who are fortunate enough to have this affiliation. To date, Stone Brewing has given over $3 million to local charities across 22 years of Stone Anniversaries!

Year after year – and largely due to this one event –  Stone Brewing has been your San Diego chapter’s biggest & most reliable donor. I do not exaggerate when I say that without Stone, we may have never had the resources to become the largest, most active, and dare I say most effective Surfrider chapter in the world!

Which brings me to my next subject. Our volunteers.

On top of everything YOU ALREADY DO to protect San Diego’s 72 miles of coastline, to pour beers for 9 HOURS on a hot summer day (while not even taking one sip!) is a HUGE ASK. And year after year, YOU make that sacrifice and DELIVER for YOUR SAN DIEGO CHAPTER.

As a previous volunteer who is privileged to serve as your Chapter Coordinator, there are no words to express my love & appreciation for every single one of you who SHOWED UP for Surfrider this weekend. To see Committee Leaders, Executive Committee members, and Core Volunteers – the same people who give SO MUCH to our cause & ask for nothing in return – working this event to ensure our chapter is funded…

Simply put, you guys have saltwater running through your veins & SF/SD would be NOTHING without your passion, your commitment, and your willingness to do whatever it takes to protect our ocean, waves & beaches!!!!


And to everyone who couldn’t sign up or make it, let’s hope we have this opportunity again next year. In the meantime, keep drinking them Stone brews!

With gratitude!

– Mitch