On September 10th, the town of Encinitas in North County San Diego adopted a final version of the single-use plastic bag ban.

This ordinance also requires a fee on paper bags of no less than 10 cents. Stores may also rebate customers 5 cents for bringing their own bag, a custom that some local stores invoked several years back.  The ordinance goes into effect in large grocery stores on March 10, 2015, and applies to all other retail stores and farmers markets by September 10, 2015.  The San Diego County Chapter worked for over 5 years to secure this local bag ban ordinance victory and the final version was recorded on October 16, 2014.

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Our chapter has multiple committees dedicated to the Surfrider Plastic Pollution Initiative. These include a countywide Beach Cleanup program, the Rise Above Plastics (RAP) committee, the Ocean Friendly Restaurants program, and a campaign to end cigarette butt litter - Ban the Butt.