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Balloons Blow - Sign the Petition

Help us ban "lighter than air" balloons - first in Encinitas, then everywhere else in San Diego County


Hey Surfrider supporters and volunteers.  A month or so back, our chapter's Rise Above Plastics committee asked you to send in your support for a balloon ban project in Encinitas.  Well, we passed the first step and a draft ordinance is being crafted by city staff for city council to review in September.

I want to thank the over 120 of you who sent in letters of support.  We have been told this is the most support letters the city has ever received on any topic heard by the environmental commission.

Well, we are asking for your help again.  As the date approaches for the city council to review the ordinance banning the sale of lighter than air balloons in the city of Encinitas, we would like to show them again just how much our supporters care about the environment.  The petition will be used each time we engage a new city so you only need to sign it now.

Please sign the attached petition letting our elected officials know how much you want to stop helium balloon pollution.  We thank you for your voice in helping to protect the environment.    - Mark O'Connor, RAP Committee Co-Lead

An unassuming murderer in North County. Photo (and subsequent rescue) by Janis Jones.


For those of us who've been exposed to the detrimental effects of balloon pollution, it's hard to believe that intentional releases like the one pictured below still enjoy widespread popularity as a way to celebrate birthdays, graduations, holidays, or to honor loved ones who have passed. We have much work to do to do both politically and culturally, starting right here in our own community! If this is all news to you, check out to learn more details about how balloons litter our oceans and kill wildlife.