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Introducing Ocean Friendly To-Go!

In 2020, our network watched as our hard work to reduce waste in the restaurant industry crumbled.  The uptick in takeout container waste is staggering.

As customers, our hearts hurt for the industry and we want to support them by ordering takeout. But as coastal activists, we cannot accept the insurmountable trash being handed to us with our food.

How can this be the only option?  And why are restaurants the only ones to bear the burden of a solution? Customers are willing, able, and eager to share the responsibility in order to enjoy restaurant food without waste. We’d like the option and the opportunity to live better.

Supporting the restaurants we love and preserving our planet should not be mutually exclusive! 

Introducing Ocean Friendly To-Go

A win/win/win solution for restaurants, customers, and our ocean.

The concept is straightforward -  restaurants simply prepare guest orders on reusable dinnerware, and allow the customer to transfer the order themselves into their own containers at a designated area (established by the restaurant).  Seriously, it's that easy. 

Click either image to download printable PDF files!

Measurable impacts from making the switch!

Let's support our restaurants, share in the responsibility to reduce waste, and design the path forward together!


Ask your favorite restaurants to offer Ocean Friendly To-Go as a takeout option.
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Please offer Ocean Friendly To-Go as a takeout option. You can start today!
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Visit our Ocean Friendly Restaurants page to learn more about our efforts to reduce waste in the industry. Email our team at with any questions.