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Solana Beach Bans Balloons

On May 11, 2022, the Solana Beach City Council unanimously approved an ordinance to ban the sale, use, and release of all balloons filled with a gas lighter than air.

Quick on the heels of our first balloon ban victory in neighboring Encinitas, our chapter activists launched a fast-moving campaign to docket a similar ordinance in neighboring Solana Beach. This campaign began in March 2022 when our Rise Above Plastics committee requested that the City Council add a balloon ordinance to their priority work plan for the year. They agreed to prioritize it.  Thanks to our dedicated volunteers and some quick work by Solana Beach's City Council and staff, the ordinance passed its second reading only 2 months later. You can read it along with the excellent staff report HERE.

With Solana Beach joining Encinitas in approving a balloon ban ordinance, we will continue to use them as models for other San Diego cities to follow.

A TV screen in the council chambers showing the City Council's unanimous YES vote
Unanimous support from the City Council at the ordinance's introduction

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