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For a healthier ocean, Surfrider Coffee bridges the Pacific from Costa Rica to San Diego.  In Costa Rica, agricultural and livestock runoff are a primary ocean pollutant.  In San Diego, it is urban runoff that prompts health officials to recommend staying out of the ocean for 72 hours after rainfall.


Surfrider Coffee is an all-natural and sustainably-grown coffee from Ricardo Ureña’s’ micro lots in the mountains of Perez Zeledón, which is only 14km from the break on the Pacific coast.  Surfrider Coffee represents an ecological counter-movement to the quantity-based practices that have become commonplace in the region.

Our growers pride themselves on shade grown agroforestry systems, organic compost, carbon ash pesticide, and recycled water systems.  Moreover, this coffee is naturally sun dried and never machine-processed so it can reach your cup with zero additives.  It is then roasted upon order, locally at Caffe Calabria, to deliver the freshest flavor and purest natural properties.


Surfrider Coffee reduces ocean water pollution by raising awareness and educating coffee drinkers about the impact that the watershed has on our ocean water quality. Surfrider Coffee provides an opportunity to strengthen and advance our mission – to protect our oceans, waves, and beaches – in the following ways;

  • Promotes education on the watershed and its connection to the ocean at both a local and a global scale.
  • Exemplifies the importance of responsible coffee farming due to its impact on the watershed, and ultimately the ocean.
  • Supports and rewards the some of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly coffee farms in the world.
  • Proceeds help fund San Diego County watershed programs, and a portion is given back to the Costa Rican communities that source our coffee.